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Junie Boxes

These handcrafted and ready to ship gift boxes take the guess work out of gifting. Designed to bring JOY to those that mean the most to us, each perfectly curated box will surely hit the mark. Our gifts feature carefully selected products from unique brands all over the country. Give the gift of JOY with every JUNIE!

Custom and curated gift boxes

Corporate Boxes

We love to work directly with our clients to design a custom product and bring your vision to life. Our corporate gifting service is great for elevated gifts for a variety of occasions to include real estate closings, employee appreciation, weddings, and large-scale custom/branded gift boxes. From design, to sourcing and shipping, we have you covered!

The Joyful Juniper Co.

The Joyful Juniper Co. is founded on the concept that gifts are more than the tangible product. Each day is a gift, our connections are a gift. While a gift is not always tangible, our curated Junie Boxes ARE tangible and designed to celebrate the simple JOY in life. Each box is carefully curated to perfection.

Our mission is to spread JOY with every JUNIE and celebrate the story behind the product.

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