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It’s wine o’clock! Introducing our exquisite Wine Lover gift box, expertly curated to delight the senses and elevate the wine experience. Inside, you will discover carefully chosen wine-themed products to accompany your favorite glass of wine.

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Airlock™ Wine Preserver By HOST®– Prolonged contact to oxygen slowly deteriorates the flavor and bouquet of wine. To prevent this, simply insert the stopper into your bottle and pump out the excess air with the airlock wine preserver. Freshness is sealed in when the red indicator drops down, and the airlock wine preserver keeps wine fresher than generic stopper.

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Sauvignon Blanc Scented Soy Wax Candle– Bergamot • Green Apple • Fresh Cut Grass ** – Hand-crafted in small batches. – 100% soy wax for an eco-friendly burn. – Lead-free, cotton wicks. – Premium clean fragrance + essential oils, contain no harsh chemicals. – Scents are blended by a level two Sommelier. – Candles are cruelty-free!

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Glass Freeze™ Wine Glass – Insulated with active cooling gel keep your wine chilled longer. Ever sip room temp pinot grigio? It’s… not good. Save yourself from lukewarm drinks: keep your rosé refreshing and your chardonnay chilled for over an hour with the double-walled glass wine freeze. Just pop it in the freezer to chill the built-in active cooling gel and prepare for carefree sipping.

Company Instagram:  @hoststudios

Butter Pecan Shortbread Cookies– Pecan shortbread cookies with a rich warm vanilla flavor. It’s as cozy as it gets for cookies. The premium quality butter is used to ensure a delicious flavor and our careful baking process offers a light crisp texture.

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Too Much Wine Coaster – This Four Ladies Too Much Wine coaster is cheeky and FUN!

Company Instagram:  @tipsycoasters

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